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Is a student’s organization that was initially created with the purpose of research and scientific-related investigations concerning the development, good use of solar power and other energy resources. Many scientific and technological concepts that the different engineering fields in existence compose are constantly being  put into practice. The solar team is composed of a group of capable, dedicated students and a high school physic teacher that is trying to open them the doors to success in both their high school studies and college careers. Every year, new students join this organization.

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Solar Team - A student organization with no equal!!

Solar Team is a student organization that has a goal of make research in the fields related to the development and use of solar energy and regeneration of it. We can apply physics and engineering knowledge in the study of regeneration souces and the application of recent studies in the future tecnology is our goal. Solar Team is composed of a group of young people capable, willing to make the best to succed and a physics teacher who is going to get the best of their knowledge to estimulate them to make the requiered research, get resources to participate and win in future competitions. Also every year new members are added to the team. It is a great experience for high school students.

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Look at our web page with the group description in the competition use the following link:

¿What is solar energy?It is radiant energy produced by the sun. This energy is converted into electricity by solar panels in order to achieve the thrust of the vehicle. These panels convert the solar energy using semi conductive materials such as silicone and germanium. When light is applied to these panels, a photoelectric effect occurs. During this process, electrons are released from the surface of the metallic conductor, this take place when energy from the light that falls upon such surface is absorbed. Cells or solar panels are used during the process of conversion. Electrons are released from one of the cell's poles generating  a voltage or potential difference. The panels are made of small (4x4 inch) plates called solar cells, made of silicone and germanium mixed with impurities. When light strikes the cells, they act as conductors and allow the flow of electrons. The electricity is transferred from the cells to the car's motor engine using copper cables.



Through this project our duty falls on making the effort of contribute to our environment make people conscious about energy resources available that can improve this world, which seems to be primarily controlled by the use of crude oil as a source of energy. The 21st century has require us to reevaluate and look for other resources of energy since the natural resources available are not renewable.
We desperately need a new source of energy, similar or equal to petroleum, that can be more environmental-friendly, inexhaustible, on hand and most importantly inexpensive or free. This project is not only intended to create conscience over the protection of our environment, but also to help us learn about the different branches engineering is composed of, and experiment with materials and processes related to the engineering career, that are only found in the university.

UETThis course brings high school students the opportunity to experiment and carry out investigations that are only found in careers directly related to engineering. Our overall goal has been the construction of a real scaled solar car which, thanks to the help of our student's efforts, other human resources , and our physics and pre-engineering teachers, has finally been achieved.

¿What is CROEM? CROEM (Centro Residencial de Oportunidades Educativas en Mayaguez), is a high school specialized in the fields of science and mathematics. Nowadays, our school offers 9th through 12th grade admission. Among the high school courses offered at our school we have the Use of Energy in Transportation (UET), a course that is only offered at our residential center, and also U.E.T Design.

AchievementsAmong our achievements this year are the reconstruction  of our workshop and the adjustments made to our prototype in order to improve its overall efficiency; as a result, the solar car was able to run more than 30mph, one of the best velocities out there for this type of vehicle.


CROEM, Departamento de Educación, Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez, Solar Team, Fundación para el Estudio de la Energía Solar, Inc.



  • Students experience the process of constructing a car that utilizes solar
  • Students must master or acquire the skills and qualities of a good engineer.
  • Students apply the use of the latest available technology .
  • Students create an interest in other schools that are found in Puerto Rico, so that, as a result, these can also integrate activities of the same magnitude into their school curriculum.
  • Students create conscience over the importance of the conservation of our
    natural resources and the use or solar energy.


Participantes 2006

Héctor Colón, Erick N. Irizarry, Julio Martin, Wildeby Borges, Amalchi Castillo, Arturo Castro, Iván Castro, Dannel Díaz, Dennis Fagundo, Omar Fernández, Keishla Gerena, Pedro Lamboy, Jeohusua Lugo, Silvia Farré, Krystal Rodríguez, Víctor Martínez, Oscar Marrero, Jorge Mojica, Jonathan Pérez, Angedith Poggi, Emanuel Romero, Jaime García y Patricia Soliván.

Government Funds

Proposal Federal Funds Title 3- 2000

Propuesta Federal Funds Title 5- 2006

Special thanks to MULTIMEDIOS "Una perspectiva educativa", a project that helped us by the use of technological resources like computers, videos and digital cameras to document, research and improve the exitent tecnology for the Solar Car. 2006


Western Auto, US Filter, Pep Boys, Empresas Nido, Wesco, Global Electric Motors Caribbean, Western Bank, Ferreteria Quiñones, Harris Paints, Centro Oftalmológico Metropolitano, Playtex, Hi-tech Desings, Mr. Cook, Farmacia San Martin, Maytag, Storage Tek, Sears, Compucentro, López Truck and Bus Parts, Añasco Auto Paints, Flexible Packing Rincón, Maldonado Towing, Horizon Lines, Toro's Cycle, Xantrex, Casa Solar, Deya Elevators, HCT Elevators, Horizon Lines, Seguros Eleuterio, SunCom, Joseph Machine Shop, JV Race Cars, HQJ Plumbing, Castell Export, Galaxy Prints, Caidllac Uniforms, Automeca Technical College and P & H Transportation.

Thanks to our best sponsors:



Estamos buscando auspiciadores para los siguientes materiales o equipo:

1) Trailer o arrastre para el vehículo


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CROEM SOLAR TEAM in Ponce International Speedway

Sunday, april 2, 2006

In this ocation we assist to an eficiency check event in which we probe the reaction time of the conductors, the reached velocity in 1/8 of a mile, that was 34.70mph, in the 1/4 of a mile it reaches 37.5 mph. The pilots who conducted in the event were Héctor Colón and Dannel Díaz.

We did history in being the first experimental solar car to be tested in the speedway and also won to other electric car in the road.

For the people who said that it do not run... 37.5 mph oficiallized!! Follow your favorite team, the Solar Team PR. We are making the difference!! 100% CROEMita engineering.


In "el capitolio" the house of the law, the CROEM SOLAR TEAM present...

Thursday, april 6, 2006

We have been in "el capitolio" on april 6, 2006 to ask for help and funds to complete the research process of the CROEM solar vehicle. We have time to take pictures with local reporters, legislators, representants and general public. It was a very rich event for the project.



In the Departament of Educatión










Weight measurements

Thursday, april 5, 2006



In this photo you can see when the wheight of the Carribean Warrior was oficialized. Up to this momtne the weight was 920 pounds.




News Archive:

El Nuevo Día: March 29, 2006

Other newspapers: April 7, 2006



April and May 2006

We are making eficiency tests and improving mechanical, electrical and stetics components of the vehicle to present it into the Dell Winston Solar Challenge competition that is going to be held during the month of july 2006. The competition is going to be in the Texas Speedway during the 15 to 20 of july 2006. Also we are looking for sponsors to help us finish all requirements like replacement parts and any support. We ask the general comunity for help and support for your tecnological team that can includes materials or any donation.

CROEM Solar Team

P.O. Box 1550

Mayagüez, PR 00681- 1550

Tel. (787)-832-0854 Tel. (787)-832-3720 Fax (787)-833-4100

Look at our web page with the group description in the competition use the following link:

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